Frequently Asked Questions



What Does a Managed Service Provider Do?

The managed service provider (MSP) acts as your own internal IT department. Many small businesses struggle with the expertise or don’t have the resources to hire the right IT staff for technology challenges they face. The managed service provider fills that gap. The MSP already has all the knowledge, tools, systems, and repeatable processes needed for a SMB to foster the competitive advantage that well managed technology can provide. A managed service provider acts as your personal IT team watching over all your infrastructure and devices 24x7x365.

Most importantly, the MSP should understand your business, how it operates, and what makes it unique. With this knowledge, the MSP can provide the best suite of tech products and services to help your business maximize value from IT service spend.

What Is “Onboarding”?

Onboarding is a process where the managed service provider (see previous question) prepares the IT environment for managed services. Is it one of the very first things done at the client site after deciding to move forward with managed services. This includes the following:

  • Removal of any old management tools left behind from previous management
  • Installation of the Next Level Tech monitoring, patching, and support application/tool
  • Installation of Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware software
  • Installation / configuration of backup tools
  • Cleanup of any physical cabling, “server rooms”, and wiring documentation
  • Wireless and wired network assessment
  • Documentation of environment (always available and shared with the client)
  • Configuration of network devices for web content filtering
  • Create logins for SPAM quarantine, password management system, shared documentation platform
  • Remediation of any critical security issues or vulnerabilities within existing infrastructure (patching servers and infrastructure components)
  • Configuration of client equipment to align with Next Level Tech best practices, where applicable


Can we purchase computers and IT hardware from you?

Yes, we will work with our suppliers on your behalf to quote and order any new technology you may need such as PCs, firewalls, switches, WiFi, additional software, etc. We know the industry very well and can recommend products that work well for your business. Leveraging our buying expertise in IT will help you purchase the correct products the first time, so you don’t end up with frustration and headaches down the road from making an uninformed purchase.

Do you sell Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) licenses and products?

Yes, we sell and support all Microsoft cloud products including Microsoft 365 licensing and Microsoft Azure Services.

Do you sell Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) licenses and products?

Yes, we sell and support Google Workspace licenses and products.


What Are Managed It Services?

Managed IT services is when one company pays a vendor (known as a Managed Service Provider, or MSP) to take care of their information technology. Some companies may elect to have only certain parts of their environment managed by an MSP. Other companies may have an MSP manage their entire IT environment including end user technical support. This is the most common arrangement.

How Much Do Managed It Services Cost?

We have services that begin at $29 per month. Typically, custom services are quoted for each client. The reason for this is that every company is different with different needs. Managed Services are not a “one size fits all” product offering. Monthly service fees can range from under $1,000/month for a small company of around 10-15 employees all the way up to several thousand dollars per month for a much larger company with a more complex environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Managed It Services?

As a Managed IT Services client, you get to leverage your MSPs breadth of experience and knowledge at a fraction of what those highly skilled engineers and technicians would cost to employ at your small business. Additionally, the MSP as an entity doesn’t take vacation and will be serving you every single day of the year. In the end, small businesses can save a great deal of money by using an MSP to manage their information technology vs. hiring a full time employee.

What Are Next Level Tech Its Response Times?

This one I will have to refrain from putting on the website as I have contractual response times that are pretty long but my real world response times are much, much faster than that. Not sure how I would word that and I’d hate for someone to throw this back in my face on a bad day.

What Do IT Services Companies Provide?

An information technology service company provides technical knowhow and expertise to another business by performing services for them. Services can take the form of monthly ongoing technical support and equipment (infrastructure) management. It could be a project to install some new functionality that the business doesn’t already have. It could be performing a service to upgrade existing infrastructure or capabilities. Those are all typical examples of what one business would hire a managed service provider to do.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA?)

All managed services clients on monthly agreements adhere to a SLA. We (the managed service provider) are under contract to provide the services in a timely fashion to the client. The SLA can be customized per the specific requirements of the client.

What Separates You From The Competition?

We believe in our product and service so much that we offer a “try before you buy” approach. If you aren’t satisfied with our service in the first 30 days, you have the right to fire us and find another provider.

How do you assist companies that are concerned about security or ransomware attacks?

Security is an extremely important topic that is top of mind for our clients. We take IT security very seriously. To combat the threats, we use next generation anti-malware technologies and a “layered approach” where we place security controls and processes at each point in the network where data flows through from the network entry point to the end point (usually a user’s computer).

Do you sell or work on business phone systems or VoIP systems?

Yes, we work with all the “older style” hardware systems and many of the new software (VoIP) phone systems. This industry is changing rapidly, and we always stay on top of the business phone system industry to make sure we provide our clients the latest communication and collaboration tools.

Do you work with companies that use Apple / Mac computers?

Yes, we work with companies that have only PCs, both PCs and Apple / Macs, or only Apple / Mac computers.

Do you design websites for your clients?

No, we do not design websites but we can assist you in finding the right partner to help.

Do you help clients migrate to the cloud?

Yes! This is one of our core services offerings. At any given time we usually have several cloud migrations going on with our clients.

Which cloud providers do you work with?

We assist our clients with any cloud platform but the majority of clients choose Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Do you install or work on WiFi / Wireless networks?

Yes, we work with many different manufacturers WiFi systems and should be able to help with yours.

Do you provide any cabling services (network “drops”, extending telecom lines, etc.)?

Yes, we can install the cabling for a new office build out or modify any existing cabling infrastructure as well.

Do you support printers?

Yes, we assist with configuration, installation, and setup of printers. We will also help troubleshoot connectivity or driver issues associated with network or directly attached printers. We do not change toner or ink cartridges or repair broken printers.

What are vendor liaison services?

We will work with your IT service vendors (internet provider, cell data provider, copier company, computer manufacturer, software company, etc.) during any service outages that they may have. This allows the business owner / operator time to focus on their business and not the “burning IT fire”.

We will also work with you on any new contractual agreements for new or renewal IT services your business may need such as telecom, internet service, backup internet service, etc.

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