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As many businesses resort to remote working, efficient business phone systems have become essential in maintaining seamless communication and collaboration. Our communication solutions are an integral offering among our IT services. Business VoIP systems deliver team messaging, video and audio conferencing, and high-definition voice calling in a single platform. These advanced functionalities can empower your business to maintain its competitive advantage.


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Traditional phone systems often come with increased support costs with on-site hardware and regular system upgrades. Your organization may also need specially trained technicians to maintain the system. With our modern VoIP systems, your business can drastically minimize or eliminate on-site hardware costs and upgrade at no additional charge. Most modern systems can also be self-managed using tablet or phone apps.

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Our Business Phone Systems

At Next Level Tech, we deliver modern, advanced systems that integrate with your productivity business apps to boost your collaboration efforts.

We offer cost savings with unlimited extensions and internet-enabled calling. Our solutions include: 

  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Team groups/channels 
  • Host virtual events
  • Auto attendant
  • Call queues
  • Voicemail 
  • Unified messaging

Your team can text or call from any company mobile device using their business number. We offer you complete control of your online account, allowing you to customize your system and respond swiftly to your evolving business needs. Leveraging industry-standard encryption, we ensure that your team enjoys secure communication as they collaborate together or with customers.

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Our Approach

At Next Level Tech, we deliver customized phone solutions to match your business needs. Our expert team strives to understand your specific business requirements to create personalized solutions for you and your business. We’ll help you ditch the one size fits all approach, providing only the specific solutions you need to enhance your competitive advantage. Our services include multiple carrier options that minimize costly downtime. 

Count on us to eliminate the burden of maintaining your business phone systems. We’ll work with your team to deploy seamless VoIP solutions that address your communication needs.

Why you should Choose Next Level Tech’s Business Phone Systems

Next Level Tech offers round-the-clock customer support that helps you resolve any issues with your phone systems in real-time. Leverage access to technical support services 24/7/365.  We also provide the best value for money with a single, all-inclusive monthly bill. Our level, predictable monthly costs help you create a predictable monthly IT budget. Our solutions let you enjoy advanced call features to route calls and take calls from any location with free calling apps for your mobile devices.

We are your best bet for a robust cloud communication system in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our VoIP solutions effectively reduce expensive hardware needs with internet-hosted services. Count on us for scalable solutions that respond to your growing needs. Our plug-and-play VoIP phones are ideal for small businesses looking to make the most of cloud communication systems. You can also fully embrace modern VoIP technology and use your computer with a headset to completely eliminate a desk phone.

Business Benefits From Adopting Business Phone Systems

VoIP systems have become an attractive option for SMBs for multiple reasons. This solution delivers numerous benefits that can transform service delivery. Leverage benefits from our efficient business phone solutions, including:

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Affordability with the advantage of the internet

It Service Company Phoenix AZ

Free software upgrades and new features to keep up with industry changes

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Enhanced mobility that enables remote working

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 Simple web-based administration allows you to make system changes while on the go

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Simplified scalability that adjusts to your office communication needs

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Easy-to-use web interfaces, accessible from any internet-enabled device

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Next Level Tech is your one-stop-shop for efficient communication systems that enhance your team’s and clients’ communication. We deliver work-from-anywhere phone solutions for today’s agile and mobile growing businesses. Contact our tech experts to learn more about our solution.

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